How to Order:


Because of the “custom” nature of most of our products, everything not being ready to ship all the time and to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you want/need we prefer to be in contact with everyone before completing an order.

To get the ball rolling:

1. Choose your kit(s), parts and options

2. Click the ADD TO BUILD button

3. Review your Build

Two Options Here:

– To save your build (you should) in your account click SAVE FOR LATER. Then if you want to send your order click RESTORE. This will get you back to the review page. Once there click SEND ORDER

-To send your order without saving it (not recommended) click SEND ORDER

4. Complete all of the info on the Order Page

6. Click SEND IT

We will review your order, calculate shipping (if applicable) and get in touch with you by email. Once we have the details of your order dialed in with you and a shipping cost nailed down (if applicable), we will send you payment information. Thanks! 

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