Department Of Boost Customer Contact Policy


Because we are very, very small operation most of our days are spent in the shop doing R&D, building product, taking care of logistics, etc. We are not able to communicate by phone much at all. We prefer to communicate by email, which we do at all hours of the day/night. And pretty much 7 days a week.

We make ourselves available for phone calls when it is effectively impossible to solve something over email. Not before. Since most communications are technical by nature going through a “terminal” makes things a lot easier. We/you can attach pictures, links, etc which is far more descriptive in most situations (a picture is worth a 1000 words and all that).

It is not that we don’t want to talk to you. Sitting on the phone all day long talking about cars is a great way to spend the day. Unfortunately it makes accomplishing anything impossible. Being able to provide cutting edge product at reasonable prices requires sacrifice. One of those sacrifices is not being on the phone all day.

And there is always the Department Of Boost Owners Facebook Group which has an army of Department Of Boost customers that are very familiar with the technical side of things and always ready to answer questions.

We think that you will find that we are more available than 99% of the performance product operations out there though. You won’t be getting in touch with XXXXXXXX blower company (if you can get through on the phone at all) after hours or on weekends, ever. You may just get us at midnight…..on a Saturday.

We try and reply to all correspondence within 24hrs.

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Hours Of Operation


We don’t have hours of operation. We are “always open” and “always closed”.  We may not be available every Monday morning at 10am. But we may be available Sunday night at 10pm.




Our shipping address is available upon request.

We are located in Ypsilanti, MI

We do not have a retail storefront. We do not have hours and we do not have a showroom. We probably never will. There is no operation there to be seen.

If you are shipping to us, you can reach out to us for the mailing address.  If you use the US Postal Service (USPS) there will be delays if the package requires a signature. Nine times out of ten we end up having to pick USPS packages up at the Post Office, and that takes time.

If you are in a hurry to get us something that is the last method of shipping you want to use.

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