Pretty Stuff

Anodize Manifold and Other Billet Parts

You can have your kit anodized just about any color you want!

If you want a different color than black or red we will need a sample of something that you’re trying to match. And keep in mind, you can’t match anodizing 100% to most paints. It’s a completely different process. For example, the light Ford Racing Blue that gets used for valve covers would be impossible to match so they look right up against each other.

Stainless Steel Bolt Kit Upgrade

Enough people asked us about this to make it happen. We can replace the zinc coated fasteners that come with the kit with stainless steel. The zinc fasteners are nice, especially compared to what you get with most kits. But, they’re not corrosion proof. The kit is every fastener you can see (which is a LOT of fasteners) and some replacement fasteners for some of the ones that come on the blower itself.

GT450-1000HP Pretty Stuff