55lb/hr Ford Racing Fuel Injectors

The GT450-450HP kit comes with OEM 07-12’ GT500 fuel injectors which are 47lb/hr and good for 575rwhp. PLENTY of fuel injector to make 450rwhp.

If your plans are to make more power in the future the OEM 13-14’ GT500 fuel injectors at 55lb/hr are a fantastic option. They will take you all the way up to 675rwhp. Which will cover the needs of 98% of the builds/goals out there.

These are also a good choice if you want the option of running e85. The supplied 47lb/hr injectors will not support 450rwhp on e85 due to you needing 30% more fuel when running e85. The 55lb/hr injectors will support up to 475rwhp on e85

GT450-450HP Fuel