GT450-450HP Induction

PMAS 120mm CAI

PMAS 120mm CAI

The OEM GT500 CAI that comes with the Phase III kits has a “muffler” in it which cuts down on blower noise so Ford could pass noise emissions standards. And that’s no fun, right? This kit replaces the OEM CAI and has no “muffler” so it lets out all of that glorious blower scream. The OEM CAI is 100mm so this replacement bumps you another 20mm.


-Full CAI. You would not be using any of the OEM one.

-120mm diameter for more efficient airflow to the blower.

-120mm diameter also allows more blower noise out than the standard 100mm OEM unit with the “muffler”.

-120mm will support up to 800rwhp

-Comes with washable air filter

VMP Twin Jet 67mm Throttle Body

VMP Twin Jet 67mm Throttle Body

The OEM GT500 throttle body that comes with this kit starts to poop out just past 600rwhp. If you want to make more power than that you’re going to need a bigger throttle body (and cold air intake).

The VMP Twin Jet 67mm is a beast and will take care of you up past 800rwhp


GT550-600HP Induction