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5.4L 3v Kit Group Buy – This May Be The Only Time To Get One!!

5.4L 3v Kit Group Buy This May Be The Only Time To Get One!!



-The manifold is called the GT3v5.4-M

-Full kits will have names all over the place depending on what they’re going on. They will all start with GT3v5.4- though.

-This is not guaranteed to happen. There has been a lot of interest. But if we don’t get 30 deposits the project is dead. We can’t afford to develop an intake manifold at a unit count any less than 30.

-If this happens it may and probably will be the only run that is ever done. If you want one, get in on this group buy.

-It will be almost exactly the same as the GT450 GenII intake manifold which is absolutely top shelf and has been kicking some serious butt on the 4.6’s. The only big difference with the 5.4L manifold is that it’s wider. It will perform the same or better than the GT450. The added width allows us to add more pan volume and depth which is always a plus. Here is a link to the GT450 GenII in case you don’t know what it is.

S197 Mustang Applications

This is pretty straight forward. The only thing different than a 4.6L install is that it’s going to be 20.4mm taller sitting on a 5.4L. It may, and I stress may be possible to get that under a stock hood by running really low drop mounts. I have dropped motors that much before with big LT’s but it took a little massaging on the PS of the K Member. I suspect if you are tackling a 5.4L swap this is well within your abilities. Or, just get a taller hood. Who doesn’t want an aftermarket hood anyway? Amirite?

F-150 Applications

There will not be any F-150 complete systems available with every last little thing lined out. We would love to be able to offer them but we don’t have the time to figure every last little thing out and offer a completely sorted system with every fitting, clamp, etc. But, that doesn’t mean you’re at all on your own. A F-150 install is almost identical to a Mustang install so parts lists and instructions for almost everything have been sorted. And, we will be offering “almost complete” kits for those not interested in hunting every last thing down.

These are the things that differ from a Mustang install that you will need to solve yourself. You will have plenty of support and none of it is hard. Keep in mind we launched the GT450 GenI (manifold only) kit in 2012 with no instructions, no parts, lists, etc. They sold really well and on the whole, no one had any major issues getting their car together. You will be about a million times better off than that.

-Cold air intake. This could be as simple as using a GT500 CAI which bolts right up. But that will have you sucking engine compartment temp air into the motor. You would be better off coming up with your own tubing and running the inlet on the outside of the engine compartment or jumping it into the stock airbox. Sections of tube, couplers, etc are all cheap and easy.

-Intercooler system. This one is not so hard. The biggest hurdle will be getting a heat exchanger mounted. At this time we don’t have F-150 brackets for either of our heat exchangers. But we probably will be the time these are ready to ship. And even if we don’t, brackets are easy. We should have them though.

-Fuel pump. We don’t know what is going to be required as far as a fuel pump solution goes to support the blower. A Walbro 405lph pump will do the trick. The question is how do you get one in the tank? We don’t know, we’ve never seen how the F-150 is set up. It’s not rocket science though. You should be able to replace the existing pump and run beefier wiring to supply more power (what we do on the Mustang). Replacing the existing pump may require some fuel pump hat modifications but it shouldn’t be more than a Dremel and some clamps can’t handle.

-Belt system/tensioner. It appears that with the F-150’s mechanical fan there isn’t enough room for our Frankentensioner belt tensioner which is our go-to tensioner solver. This leaves two options. One, ditch the mechanical fan and put an electric one on. You can probably pick stock S197 Mustang fans up pretty cheap. You can pick up trick 13’ GT500 ones for I think it’s $300ish??? That would be the most you would spend. Or, if you don’t want to mess with that you can run an American Racing Solutions belt tensioner (the only one other than the Frankentensioner that works). They’re $450ish though. Running an electric fan and the Frankenetensioner would be less money.

-Firewall clearance. You will need to remove the “blanketing” from the firewall area for clearance. It looks like crap anyway. That will clear a M122 blower (max power about 575rwhp). A 2.3L-3.1L TVS (up to 1300hp) will require either massaging the firewall a little or running drop engine mounts. We can produce drop mounts but they won’t be cheap. Massaging the firewall would be preferable.


The pricing below represents a $200 discount for manifold only kits and a $400 discount for full systems.

S197 Mustang Kits:

The Mustang kits include the same components and have the same options that the corresponding GT450 kits have. For example, a GT3v5.4-S197-450HP is spec’d out the same as a GT450-450HP. The “450HP” being the kit designator. At this point it’s much easier to direct you to the GT450 kits for this information.

-GT3v5.4-M manifold kit $2495

-GT3v5.4-S197-450HP Complete System $4495

-GT3v5.4-S197-650HP Complete System $9500

-GT3v5.4-S197-750HP Complete System $11700

-GT3v5.4-S197-1000HP Complete System $14200

F-150 Kits:

The F-150 complete systems include almost the same components and have the same options that the corresponding Mustang GT450 kits have. For example, a GT3v5.4-F150-450HP is spec’d out the same as a GT450-450HP. The “450HP” being the kit designator. At this point it’s much easier to direct you to the GT450 kits for this information.

***The only things that the F-150 full systems won’t include compared to the Mustang kits are:

-Cold air intake (CAI). We went over this above.

-Heat exchanger brackets……….maybe. They should be ready by the time the kits ship and we intend to include them though. We just can’t promise.

-Fuel pump

-GT3v5.4-M manifold kit $2495

-GT3v5.4-F150-450HP Complete System $4245


Here is how the group buy breaks down:


Deposits and Payment

Because there is a chance that this may not work out (too few deposits) we’re doing deposits differently then we normally do. Normally deposits are a non-refundable $750 paid by check, cash or bank/wire transfer. We’re going to do this in two stages for this one.

-Deposit #1 will be $250 and can be paid by PayPal. If we get enough deposits to make this happen, we will move on to deposit #2. To put your $250 deposit down scroll up to the top of the page and hit the ADD TO BUILD button.

-Deposit #2 will first involve you getting a refund on your $250 PayPal deposit. You will then put down a new deposit for $750 paid by check, cash or bank/wire transfer. This second deposit is no-refundable unless we don’t come through with the product.

-The balance on your kit is due before shipping. All of the pricing above and on the site represents a 3.5% discount for paying by check, cash or bank/wire transfer. If you want to pay your final balance trough PayPal you will not receive that 3.5% discount.


-The group buy starts 10/22/20 and the $250 deposit #1 is due 1/02/21. If the project is a go the #2 deposit is due by 1/31/21. Once the #2 balances are in you will pick what kit and options you’re getting. We don’t need to know (or want to) any of that now.

-The balance is due before shipping (around May 1st 2021). If you need to delay delivery until you get your tax returns please email us and we'll get something worked out for you. You have wiggle room all the way through June.

-Kits are scheduled to be ready to ship May 1st 2021. THIS IS NOT A PROMISE. 2020 and COVID threw a HUGE wrench in the supply chain and everything all year was late. It could be better in 2021…….or it could be worse. This is also a brand new product so we may have unforeseen issues to solve (will it fit in the box for example). If you are not prepared to “roll with the times” and understand that things are not the way they used to be please don’t put a deposit down.

Spread the word! We have to hit the magic number 30 to make this happen and word of mouth will be key.


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