Department Of Boost Super Single 742cu in 18.5gpm Intercooler System Upgrade Package



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Department Of Boost Super Single 742cu in 18.5gpm Intercooler System Upgrade Package

department of boost super single intercooler system upgrade

Why don’t we supply “good” intercooler system components with our base kits? Well, because no one else does. The only way we can be on the same “pricing playing field” with other companies is to spec our base kits the same way they do.

Arguably the most important supporting modification you want to consider is to upgrade the intercooler system (not the intercooler itself, that is locked in the manifold, we’re talking about the supporting components). When you compress air (boost) it creates heat. On average about 12-13deg per 1psi of boost. Too much heat causes engine detonation/knock. To keep the engine safe the cars computer (ECU) subtracts ignition timing when the temperature reaches 136deg. The further it goes over 136deg the more ignition timing is subtracted. This reduction in ignition timing has a very large impact on how much power you’re making. It doesn’t take much to knock you down 75-100hp. And that’s no fun. You paid a lot of money for that power.

Not one single blower kit comes with intercooler system components that are capable of keeping your inlet air temps (IAT’s) down to a safe/full power level. In fact, most of them can’t even be modified to a point where temps are safe/you have full power all the time no matter what you throw at them. It’s the blower industries dirty little secret.

With the correct supporting components our intake manifolds/intercoolers can support massive amounts of boost. The intake manifolds/intercoolers you get with other kits still can’t correctly support 10psi of boost even if you throw every top shelf/big dollar intercooler system component available at them.

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Super Single 18.5gpm 742 cu in Intercooler System Upgrade Kit

Kit includes:

-Department Of Boost POWA Pump

-Department Of Boost Super Single heat exchanger

-J2 Fabrications Intercooler Flow Mod

-Partial bypass mod plumbing for higher water speed systems

-All lines, clamps, fittings, etc.


-18.5gpm of water flow

-742 cu in of heat exchanger core volume

-Single pass heat exchanger core

-1.00” hoses

J2 Fabrications Intercooler Flow Mod

-Increases intercooler port size to .870

-You will supply your intercooler/core

-You will send your intercooler in. The front tank will be removed and replaced with the J2 tank

-Turnaround time approx. 14 days

Intercooler Water Pump Power Draw **Warning**

-The Department Of Boost POWA intercooler water pump draws 26 amps (so does the Stewart). This is a lot of amps for a water pump. The others are 5-6 amps. If you have a lot of electronics, old beat up wiring/grounds or a alternator that is not tip top you are going to want to look at upgrading your alternator.

Some Assembly Required:

-This kit is not going to jump out f the box and put itself on the car. You will be cutting hose to length, clamping sections together, drilling a hole(s) for a pump mount, etc. None of this is hard. We just want to make sure that you know there will be some hot rodding.


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