Frankentensioner Stage I



(in the Continental U.S.)

Frankentensioner Stage I

Frankentensioner Belt Tensioner Stage I


  • Best functioning tensioner kit available for the 2005-2010 Mustang…..period
  • Will never bottom out and shock the crank snout/oil pump gears
  • More spring tension and therefore less belt slip than any other tensioner available
  • More travel for slip free and bottoming free operation
  • Inexpensive
  • Impossible to break or bend

We designed the FT back in 2006 when we couldn’t keep belts on our Kenne Bell 2.6L. At the time we figured we would use it for a short period and come up with something else for the long run. But it worked so well we used it for 3 years until we designed a 10 rib dedicated belt drive for the Kenne Bell.

Since then the design has been used on hundreds of cars and has worked flawlessly.

It’s not going to win any art shows but it works fantastic.


-It is made up of two stock tensioners, custom spacers, “stop” modifications and fasteners.

-By using two tensioners you are guaranteed of never bending it. It’s incredibly stiff.

-Running double the spring pressure puts the belt tension exactly where Dayco/Gates recommends that their belts be run for maximum load ( cold). We picked up a belt tension gauge to be sure. It does not over-tighten the belt.

-And one of the most important ingredients in it working so well is that the stops are modified so the tensioner has more travel. This prevents the tensioner from hitting its stop(s) during gear changes, banging the rev limiter and spin/hooking the tires. Which bends tensioners, throws belts and beats up crankshafts and breaks oil pumps.

-This is the only tensioner available that will never bottom on the stops.

-This is the only tensioner available that has this much spring pressure.

-This is the only tensioner available with as much travel.

Stage I Kit includes:

  • Tensioner body spacers x3
  • Tensioner arm spacer
  • Fasteners

*DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TENSIONERS. You the customer supply the second stock/OEM tensioner.

-Some assembly/modification required. Click here for instructions





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