GT450 8 Rib Conversion Kit

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Convert To A 8 Rib Belt System For HighBlower Speed/Big Blower Applications.

Convert To A 8 Rib Belt System For HighBlower Speed/Big Blower Applications

The 2005-2010 Mustang GT 4.6L 3v comes standard with a 6 rib belt system. You can convert to a 8 rib belt system to deal with high blower speeds and/or large blowers.

 We suggest doing this when you get to the 575-600rwhp range.

 Converting to a 8 rib system get’s you 33% more belt contact. It doesn’t seem like 2 additional ribs will do much, but they do. A 33% increase in anything performance related is a very large increase!

 This kit comes with extra/different size idler pulleys so you can dial your tensioner preload in perfectly without having to take a lot of trips to the store.

-8 Rib supercharger pulley

-76mm idler pulleys x5 (extras for dialing in tensioner preload)

-90mm idler pulleys x3 (extras for dialing in tensioner preload)

-Air Conditioning pulley

-Power Steering Pulley

-Harmonic balancer/crank pulley (OEM type)

-Clutched alternator pulley

-Gates Fleetrunner HD Green belt

You will need special tools to swap the power steering pulley and harmonic balancer. These can be purchased or rented at most auto parts stores.

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