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POWA Water Pump

This is the biggest, nasties pump that you can run. Period. It out performs the Stewart EMP and Meziere Brushless. The other two big dogs. “I don’t need the biggest nastiest pump there is” you say? You’re probably wrong. Most intercooler systems, more specifically the intake manifold/ intercooler ports, are criminally undersized. Most manifold/intercoolers have .625” ports (or smaller). Things only start to flow good numbers easy with 1” ports. And preferably they would have 1.25” ports. That .625” (or smaller) restriction is a huge barrier to the water flow required to keep intake air temperatures (IAT) in check. Even with a massive pump most systems will barely flow enough water to get the job done. Don’t mess around with a smaller pump. You won’t solve your problem, end up buying another pump in the future and doing all of that work all over again.

How much water flow do you need? Check out this link, “plug in” the specifics of your car and how you use it, and you will get an idea of what sort of water flow you need to solve your IAT issues. Also, in this link are links to water flow charts for every YR/Model/Blower/Pump/Line Size combination so you can see what is possible for your particular combo and what it takes. Spend some time using this information. It is a blueprint for tackling your IAT issues.

POWA Pump Package Specs:

  • The biggest/best flowing pump in the business.
  • The only high flow pump that comes with brackets and discharge tubing available.
  • The only high flow pump available with a dedicated wiring harness built to the pumps power needs. A pump this big needs a bare minimum of 10ga wire to feed it. The Stewart EMP and Meziere come with pigtails, but they are only 12ga. Our custom-built harnesses are 8ga and made from top end components.
  • The kit is based around the Pierburg CWA400 pump
  • 2yr warranty
  • Custom Department Of Boost stainless steel bracket kit for all S197 and S550 Mustangs (excluding 2010-2014 GT500’s).
  • Custom Department Of Boost 8 gauge wiring harness with built in fuse.
  • Custom Department Of Boost Inlet fitting available in sizes from .75”-1.25”
  • Custom Department Of Boost 1.25” discharge tubing (mates with Titanic & Super Single heat exchangers and some other aftermarket units)
  • Pump draws 26 amps (all of the big pumps do)

    Application, size and options


    2010-2014 Mustang GT500 **COMING SOON**

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    Add A Heat Exchanger?

    Add A Heat Exchanger?

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    *If you already have a heat exchanger, what is it?

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