Super Single Cobra Heat Exchanger



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super single cobra heat exchanger


The Super Single is by far largest heat exchanger available for the 2003-2004 Cobra. It’s spec’d out to be able to handle most intercooler system needs. And by far the best bang for your buck. If you need more heat exchanger than this you’re going VERY CUSTOM.

Heat Exchanger Stats:

-Fits 2003-2004 Cobra with the addition of a MAF GT-500 style Cobra bumper support. Here is a link:

Here is a picture from the MAF site. You want this one. Note that the heat exchanger in the picture is not the Super Single. That is the itty bitty Afco.


-742cu in of core volume

-Single pass

-Can run either .75” or 1” hoses/lines.

-Can keep most combinations running cool (click here for in depth tech info on your specific needs)

-We're seeing water discharge temps only a few deg over ambient

-This heat exchanger has no fans. Why no fans? Because they’re a gimmick. If you want to lean more READ "Why You Don’t Want Fans On Your Heat Exchanger"

super single cobra heat exchanger

Kit Includes:

-The heat exchanger

-1”-.75” reducers if you will be running .75” hoses/lines

Because this heat exchanger is so flexible in regards to hose size and all the models that it fits on there is no way to package it with every conceivable fitting, extra hose, etc. You will need to source those items yourself based on your specific needs. We will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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