What is Department Of Boost?


Department Of Boost is small, nimble operation that started when Jason and Alex had the idea of making an intake manifold that would allow the use of stock GT500 M122 superchargers on the 4.6L 3v Mustang GT motor (the GT450 manifold). The GT450 manifold was an experiment. They didn’t know if it would work as an affordable product. But it did. The GT450 has over 200 units sold to date.

Previous to jumping into the supercharger world Jason and Alex had worked on everything from race cars to superbikes to guns. When they entered the forced induction industry they saw all sorts of shortcomings in the marketplace.

There were packaging issues, belt issues, and most of all, intercooler/cooling issues.

In other words Jason and Alex identified needs that were not being met by the current manufacturers.

In fact, one of the blower kit manufacturers (which will remain nameless) is actually responsible for them getting their start. If they hadn’t owned one of these kits they wouldn’t have been aware of how the available product was not providing the performance, consistency, reliability and durability expected by supercharger aficionados.

They determined exactly what the root causes of the problems were and solved them. The extraordinary results of this development are coming to the marketplace right now (2015).

Department Of Boost has two objectives as it moves forward. Department Of Boost will offer exceptional quality yet affordable supercharging options (GT450 & GT550 as an example).

Department Of Boost will also continue to offer cutting edge solutions to common problems associated with forced induction. To achieve this Department Of Boost is constantly innovating and testing. Department Of Boost doesn’t just make stuff “fit”. Rather it figures out the best way to maximize performance, and then makes THAT fit. This is not the approach used by most manufacturers.

Department Of Boost doesn’t believe in “good enough”. They believe in the best possible solution.

As they move into the future they plan on offering the best possible solutions to your high performance needs through a very high standard of development, quality and industry leading technical support. Additionally they back up their claims with facts based on testing, technological know how and deep experience.  You will not hear from Department Of Boost the double talk and pseudo “science” that so many companies put forth as fact, when it is merely propaganda.

Who is Department Of Boost?



Jason got his start 25 years ago with Fox body Mustangs. He rented shop space which he shared with a few friends and was quickly completing projects ranging from engine builds to roll cages.

After this promising start, Jason moved up landing a gig running testing/dyno operations on experimental Stirling Cycle power motors. Despite the technology not catching on the environment taught Jason a lot about the process of testing and development.

From dyno testing Jason then got into motorcycles (superbikes) by his mid 20’s and by 27 was racing. He built and developed all of his bikes. Motors, chassis, suspension systems, everything.

Jason road-raced for just under 10 years and was quite successful. Uncountable race wins, nine championships, and most important to him, lap records. Racing taught Jason about making things “work”. Racing operations (riding and equipment) boils down to problem solving. The people that can problem solve the best usually win.

Later, Jason’s motorcycle competition led to him opening a suspension tuning shop. He was at the race track 25-30 weekends a year conducting testing and development. Motorcycle suspension systems are very complex. Suspension is a “problem” for which there is never perfect solution. This environment honed Jason’s technological and engineering problem-solving skills which he is now applying to leading edge forced induction system research, development and manufacturing.

Jason is an OCD problem solver. Nothing is ever good enough for him (it drives Alex nuts!).

Jason wakes up thinking about how to make forced induction systems better and is still thinking about it when he goes to sleep. This ”psychosis” lends itself well to the process of designing the best “mouse trap”.



It is almost impossible to relay the vastness of Alex’s experience and expertise. Alex is a designer, engineer, master machinist and some would say artist. A man of unlimited skills. Alex got his start over 40 years ago as a machinist at GM. In his spare time he has worked on everything from Can Am race teams to Superbikes. His background covers not only domestic, but European and Japanese cars and motorcycles as well. Alex brings a truly unbelievable level of skill, know how and wisdom to the table.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. Now go buy some stuff!!!